You can find below the list of Faber technologies which set us apart from other brands. Look for the technology icons on the individual hood product pages

Technology NameDescription 
24 HourTurns on the hood for 10 minutes automatically once every hour to refresh your home.hour_2016
Comfort Panel
The perimetric filtration system improves efficiency and reduces air noise.comfort_2016
DelayAutomatically turns the fan off after a set time (varies by the hood).
Dimmer LightA lower intensity light setting.
Direct Vent
Top or direct rear venting (horizontal) to eliminate the need for extra ducting.direct_2016
Easy CubeMakes installing and leveling the hood easier.easycube_2016
Easy SnapSpring loaded installation clips to make installation easier.easysnap_2016
EnergyA motor that improves efficiency and allows for longer duct runs.energy_2016
Filter Alarm
An indicator on the hood signals when to wash filters.filter_2016
Intensive Speed
Turns on at the highest speed for 10 minutes.
LED Light
Energy efficient and cool to the touch LED lighting.
ProMetal impellers and metal housing around the motor.pro_2016
Remote Control
Operate hood functions with an ADA compliant wireless remote.remote_optional_2016
Silent Kit
Sound dampening material that reduces air noise.silent_2016