Since 1955, Faber has been making high quality, Italian engineered kitchen range hoods.

With over 30 models to choose from, we offer the style, selection and features to vent your kitchen and clean the air. At Faber, Air Matters and has been important for over sixty years. Thank you for visiting our site.

Wall Chimney



dama isola_1



Pro & Under Cabinet



ProEXR File Description

cameraAperture (float): 36.000004
cameraFNumber (float): 8.000000
cameraFarClip (float): 51.308395
cameraFarRange (float): 1000.000000
cameraFocalLength (float): 40.000004
cameraFov (float): 50.831692
cameraNearClip (float): 0.760000
cameraNearRange (float): 0.000000
cameraProjection (int): 0
cameraTargetDistance (float): 3.767004
cameraTransform (m44f)
channels (chlist)
compression (compression): Zip16
dataWindow (box2i): [0, 0, 3743, 2715]
displayWindow (box2i): [0, 0, 3743, 2715]
lineOrder (lineOrder): Increasing Y
pixelAspectRatio (float): 1.000000
screenWindowCenter (v2f): [0.000000, 0.000000]
screenWindowWidth (float): 1.000000

A (half)
B (half)
G (half)
MM 1-2-3.B (half)
MM 1-2-3.G (half)
MM 1-2-3.R (half)
MM 10-11-12.B (half)
MM 10-11-12.G (half)
MM 10-11-12.R (half)
MM 13-14-15.B (half)
MM 13-14-15.G (half)
MM 13-14-15.R (half)
MM 16-17-18.B (half)
MM 16-17-18.G (half)
MM 16-17-18.R (half)
MM 19-20-21.B (half)
MM 19-20-21.G (half)
MM 19-20-21.R (half)
MM 22-23-24.B (half)
MM 22-23-24.G (half)
MM 22-23-24.R (half)
MM 25-26-27.B (half)
MM 25-26-27.G (half)
MM 25-26-27.R (half)
MM 28-29-30.B (half)
MM 28-29-30.G (half)
MM 28-29-30.R (half)
MM 31-32-33.B (half)
MM 31-32-33.G (half)
MM 31-32-33.R (half)
MM 34-35-36.B (half)
MM 34-35-36.G (half)
MM 34-35-36.R (half)
MM 37-38-39.B (half)
MM 37-38-39.G (half)
MM 37-38-39.R (half)
MM 4-5-6.B (half)
MM 4-5-6.G (half)
MM 4-5-6.R (half)
MM 40-41-42.B (half)
MM 40-41-42.G (half)
MM 40-41-42.R (half)
MM 43-44-45.B (half)
MM 43-44-45.G (half)
MM 43-44-45.R (half)
MM 46-47-48.B (half)
MM 46-47-48.G (half)
MM 46-47-48.R (half)
MM 49-50-51.B (half)
MM 49-50-51.G (half)
MM 49-50-51.R (half)
MM 52-53-54.B (half)
MM 52-53-54.G (half)
MM 52-53-54.R (half)
MM 7-8-9.B (half)
MM 7-8-9.G (half)
MM 7-8-9.R (half)
R (half)
VRayGlobalIllumination.B (half)
VRayGlobalIllumination.G (half)
VRayGlobalIllumination.R (half)
VRayLighting.B (half)
VRayLighting.G (half)
VRayLighting.R (half)