We invented range hoods in a small workshop.

For sixty years we have created, designed and manufactured hoods to become a global leader that excels in high quality engineering and design. As an example of our global leadership, in Italy, one out of every two hoods sold in the market is a Faber hood.

We are an international group located globally in 8 nations and 3 continents with our production and commercial operations.

Our key strengths are commitment, dedication and being dynamic, which have always characterized Faber.

We transformed the range hood from a basic element in the kitchen to a beautiful and functional appliance.

Our products are the reason for our technology, the criteria for our design and the measurement of our quality.

Our History

Faber’s history is the story of Italian leadership that spans over fifty years.
Our success is because of this time and experience.

  • Faber's foundation and the birth of the first extraction hood

    In 1955 Abramo Galassi establishes Faber Plast srl. He wants to invent something new and to grow. With three partners and the work of a single worker he turns plastic into objects for the house.

  • Faber's foundation and the birth of the first extraction hood

    Faber produces the first plexiglas hood in 1958. The response is immediate: Abramo Galassi has hit the mark.

  • Faber's foundation and the birth of the first extraction hood

    Faber produces the first extraction hood in 1963. The company starts to grow: in the late sixties there are about one hundred workers and the company is ready to tackle foreign markets.

  • Faber and Flaminia, the foundation for future development

    Faber plast becomes Faber SpA in 1972. Investors have confidence and the activity gets under way. Faber is the name for hoods in Italy. The hood’s sector is now an industrial reality

  • Automation technology and market expansion

    In the early eighties heavy investments in technology to automate production and to modernize the plants make Faber’s rise unstoppable. Flaminia Deutschland becomes operative.

  • Automation technology and market expansion

    The holding FinFaber SpA is established in 1987 to manage investments in Faber SpA and to promote growth of commercial branches in the UK, USA and Canada.

  • Prestigious joint ventures: Faber is an international reality

    JV’s with leading companies in air treatment characterize the first half of the 90’s: Mepamsa in Spain, Spar in Argentina become part of the Faber Group and Flaminia Aspirator Turkey opens.

  • Prestigious joint ventures: Faber is an international reality

    Faber looks at the Asian markets and in 1996 establishes Flaminia Nanjing in China and in 1997 Faber Heatkraft in India.

  • Prestigious joint ventures: Faber is an international reality

    In 2001 Faber takes over Futurum SA, the first Swedish company of the sector as well as Mepamsa. It establishes Faber Luki, a strategic JV in Russia for the Eastern European markets.

  • New International Strategy

    The Faber Group strengthens its position in Europe taking over in 1998 Roblin SA in France, and opening in 1999 Faber Flavia, a commercial agency based in Athens, Greece.

  • New International Strategy

    The choices are right and Professor Abramo Galassi is awarded Entrepreneur of the Year 2002 “for the most effective business action in international markets”.

  • New International Strategy

    The Swiss Franke Group becomes main shareholder of Faber SpA in August 2004 and confirms the common vision and strong synergies between the two groups

  • New International Strategy

    In 2005 Faber becomes totally part of the Franke Group, in which it plays an important role as Business Unit.

  • New International Strategy

    2013 – The success achieved in more than 50 years of history are a great source of satisfaction which spurs us to more important goals. Today we imagine, design and realize our future.

Our strengths

Our hoods deliver what we promise: they take the air from your kitchen and make your home more comfortable.

Faber's corporate identity is based on the vision to develop and promote products and technologies always respecting the principles of design and functionality; and our values, which are to focus on the quality of products and services, efficiency and operational safety with respect for the environment.-
Our identity is our most important asset. It encompasses our strong commitment, critical decisions, passion and dynamism that each one of us expresses every day. It encompasses the pleasure and pride of being a part of Faber.-
Our hoods are beautiful, ergonomic, effective, quiet.
Our hoods deliver our promise: clean air in your kitchen and unique style.-

Faber Worldwide Made in Italy
for a global leader

Commitment, dedication and being dynamic have always characterized Faber, making it into a global leader.

Faber is the first hood brand in Italy, where one out of every two range hoods sold is a Faber, and is sold globally with its own brand and leading local brands such as Roblin in France, Mepamsa in Spain and Spar in Argentina.

The company’s dedication and determination to achieve its goals have allowed it to grow from a local business to a European and global enterprise; thanks to the acquisition of a number of successful operations, Faber is present in 3 continents, with 7 plants in 7 countries: Italy, Sweden, France, Turkey, India, Mexico and Argentina, plus a marketing office in the United States and a representative office in Russia.

Ongoing global expansion and openness to new challenges brought Faber into the Franke Group, a major Swiss multi-national leader in Kitchen Systems in 2005 as part of the Hoods Business Unit.